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Boxpool offers you best swimming pool construction services for different types of pools in Dubai & UAE based on your budget and needs. Our professional team has years of experience in designing and building custom, residential and commercial swimming pools. We aim to help you build your dream pool based on the available space and budget. Our design team will provide an initial layout and 3D view, ensuring your project is completed with precision and excellence.

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Swimming Pool Construction services

Swimming Pool Construction Services

Box Pool is the UAE’s premier swimming pool builders .We provide all types of pool construction services all over UAE. We understand your ambitions, dreams, and passion for your dream pool. With our skilled design consultancy team who turns your idea into art, we create functional and stylish swimming pools just for you.

Pool Experts at Boxpool have years of expertise in constructing aesthetically pleasing masterpieces. We make sure we are increasing usefulness and minimizing waste of space. You will find us skilled in designing and constructing swimming pools for various settings, including residential homes, hotels, and parks.

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Our swimming pool construction services

Types of Pools Made by Box Pool

Box Pool being the best swimming pool construction company in Dubai aims at building all kinds of pools. You name it and we make it. We mainly deal with all In-Ground and Top-Ground swimming pools. We make all pool types both for in Indoor and Outdoor based on your personal interest. Following are the different types of swimming pool construction services, we offer

Concrete Swimming Pools

Concrete pools are most probably one of the most common swimming pools. They are very flexible and can be changed into different kinds of pools to fit your landscaping needs. At Box, we can build concrete swimming pools and take care of them in our unique ways. This makes us the most reliable company in Dubai & UAE that builds swimming pools.

Concrete pools are the most reliable owing to their strength to withstand bad weather and heavy use. Also, concrete material does not stain or scratch easily, so it keeps its appearance over time. Because of these things, the pool can be used and enjoyed for a long time.

Pools made of concrete are great for any backyard. They are very flexible and can be made to fit the theme of your landscape. They are voted for being the best pools for homes and hotels because of their many benefits.

Container Swimming Pools

Container Swimming Pools are the star service at Box Pool. We are proud to be the pioneers in starting this concept in Dubai and our quality of service is exceptional.

Container pools are small and strong . They are unique since they are made out of shipping containers. While make the swimming pools out of containers, we use cutting-edge technology and features. Boxpool lets you choose the size, color, finish on the outside, and glass window of your container pool.

We make sure that everyone is safe and healthy at every step of the pool-making process. Container pools are the newest and most popular type of pool, and clients can get them for half the price of regular pools.

We make swimming pools out of shipping containers that are just the right size for each client. We design them with pool accessories like pumps, intake filters, regular pool filters, drainage, water supply, and waterproof lining.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Do you want to make your pool fit your family’s needs? If so, the best material to use for your pool is fiberglass. When it comes to how your pool looks, you will have a lot of choices. You can make almost any shape you want by adding stairs that don’t slip or seating that fits your needs.

Our Fiberglass swimming pool uses high-quality composites and the latest technology to make the perfect pool every time. Fiberglass pools by us, the best swimming pool contractors, will last a long time and work well because of the technology and materials we use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before any work starts, we undertake a thorough site study and discuss your pool installation needs. Our specialists, along with an engineer, will then provide complete drawings covering everything from pool size and form to depth and lighting, as well as any unique features and enclosures you choose to incorporate.

The pool building procedure is very energy taking. We mark out, excavate, shape, and insulate your pool. After that we reinforce it with steel and fill it with spray concrete. We then offer a first and second frame of the final shell before tiling. At last we add embellishments, landscape the area surrounding the pool, and install your selected cover.

Though many landscapers in Dubai provide swimming pool building and other services, what sets us apart is our devotion, resource optimization, creativity, and on-time delivery. We have developed our standards with our clients, which our valued customers have extremely well recognized throughout the years.

Box Pool, a leading swimming pool builder in Dubai and the surrounding regions, provides the client with the best professional swimming pool works based on their specifications.

Most pool projects under Box Pool take between 8 and 12 weeks to complete, depending on the magnitude of the project. However, numerous variables, like the time of year you choose to install, might affect your pool construction timetable.

The most common in-ground pool-building materials are steel-reinforced concrete that creates a shell, concrete, and plaster, which were the first to be utilized when residential pools became popular.

An 18-foot by 36-foot pool may easily accommodate six to eight people. This pool is big enough for larger parties and has ample area for activities. A 16-foot by 32-foot pool might hold five or fewer people. This pool size is suitable for swimming as well as casual usage.

Yes, we need pool designs to create one.In short, not only do you need blueprints, but you also need an engineer to sign them. Before beginning construction, you must also get consent from the local municipality. Constructing a swimming pool on your property is the same as adding a structure.

Pools with vinyl liners will endure for more than 20 years if the liner is replaced every 6-12 years. Concrete pools have a long lifespan, although they must be resurfaced every ten years or so. Fiberglass pools often have the longest lifespans of any in-ground pool, easily exceeding 30 years.

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